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Complete Sports (CS) is Nigeria’s number one all-sports daily newspaper. It was first published in December, 1995. It is the most-widely-read sports publication in Nigeria. (All Media and Product Survey (AMPS) research, 2008 and 2009).

Complete Sports (CS) is published by Complete Communications Limited (CCL). CCL is the oldest and longest-running sports publishing group in Nigeria. It was established in 1984 but incorporated as CCL in 1987.

Other publications in the CCL stable are Complete Football (CF) magazine (established in 1985) and International Soccer (i-Soccer) which was originally established as International Soccer Review (ISR) in 1990.

The group had also previously published Sports Souvenir, Nigeria’s first weekly sports newspaper (1984), Climax magazine (1988), Complete Football International (1994) and Complete Football Extra (1995). .

Complete Sports (CS) is currently the flagship publication in the CCL Group. Complete Sports Saturday (CSS) is the Saturday edition.

The primary focus of CS and CSS is sports news about Nigeria and the exploits of Nigerian sportsmen and women both at home and abroad, particularly the footballers.

CS and CSS are circulated nationwide in Nigeria and partly in neighbouring countries Benin Republic and Cameroun.
Complete Sports newspapers have the largest circulation figures in Nigeria in the sports category and the second largest circulation in the general newspaper category (AMPS research, 2008 and 2009)

CS and CSS are read mostly by young and middle aged males between 13 and 55years of age (75%). Older male and women make up the rest (25%).


Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase – Publsher/CEO
Mumini Alao – Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Dare Esan (Editor) [email protected]
Oladimeji Loko (Deputy Editor)
Nnamdi Ezekute (Deputy Editor, News)
Bamidele Boluwji (Asist News Editor)
Sab Osuji (Asist News Editor)
Nurudeen Obalola (Asist News Editor)
Johnny Edward (Reporter)
Izuchukwu Okosi (Reporter)
Ben Idowu (Proof Reader)

EDITORIAL (Saturday)

Kazeem Tijani (Editor) [email protected]
David Meshioye (Reporter)
Sulaiman Alao (Reporter)
Adeboye Amosu (Reporter)
Mariam Okupa (Reporter)
Taiwo Adesanya (Proof Reader)

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