Dangote To Become Arsenal Owner: How Good Does It Sound To You?

Africa and Nigeria’s richest man, Aliko Dangote has hog the news headline in the last 24 hours following reports that he is interested in buying the economic rights of Barclays Premier League club, Arsenal.

Dangote first showed interest in buying Arsenal in 2010 but was rebuffed by the club owners.

However Dangote seems not to be in a hurry to execute his objectives.

“I still hope, one day at the right price, that I’ll buy the team.”

“I might buy it, not at a ridiculous price but a price that the owners won’t want to resist. I know my strategy.”

“We have $16 billion-worth of investments in the next few years,” he said. “Right now I want to take my own business to a certain level. Once I finish on that trajectory, then maybe” an offer will follow,” Dangote revealed in an interview by Bloomberg Business and which subsequently went viral on the webspace .

Completesportsnigeria.com want to know your thoughts on Aliko Dangote’s big dream, whether as an Arsenal fan, Chelsea fan, Man United fan, et al.

Is it an objective worthy to be pursued? Would the Arsenal shareholders headed by Stan Kroenke agree to sell to Dangote despite refusing to sell in the past to former Russia’s richest man, Alisher Usmanov?

Is Arsenal the right and ‘dream’ club for Dangote to desire to own? what in fact are your expectations from him and the club should this interest indeed materialises?

Do you as an Arsenal fan and a Nigerian football enthusiast want to see the kind of investment that the likes of Roman Abramovich of Chelsea and Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan of Manchester City have made on some of the richest clubs in the world? Can Dangote even sustain the financial commitment of running such as club?

Arsenal have never believed in a one-man club ownership which they believe will harm the ‘culture’ of the club which does not subscribe to lavish and outlandish spending.

Would Dangote buying Arsenal change the sporting history of the club since he admitted that manager Arsene Wenger needs to change so many things about the club.

Until recently, Arsenal have been the butt of mockery by fans of Chelsea, Man City and other rich European clubs.

Would Dangote’s takeover of Arsenal be a ‘blessing or curse’ to the north London club?

Send in your views and opinions on this topic using the ‘Leave A Reply’ field at the lower part of this page. Please provide your authentic email address in the required field before posting your comment. Your comment will show here in few minutes after the moderator has approved it.

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  1. Reply Post By Afolabi Seun

    Fantastic but could have done better by helping more Nigerian jobless youths. Sporting wise, Nigeria league is sinking the more because they are government owned.

  2. Reply Post By Afolabi Seun


  3. with my own point of view i tink if dangote should buy arsenal i tink something will change for better

  4. Reply Post By ghaheyou murphy kay

    if dangote own arsenal it will be very fantastic for the club

  5. Reply Post By danny

    why can’t he help his home league

  6. I am not a fan of Arsenal or any club for that matter but somebody should tell Dangote this: He should call some of his fellow billionaires in Nigeria who love football and let them buy all the clubs in the Nig Premier League including the Stadiums and revamp and revive our football. With good salary as is paid in South Africa, it will attract good legs all over Africa and beyond. Does he not see that those foreigners going to the EPL to own clubs have running and organised league back home. Russia, USA etc. What this fellow want to do is like a man taking very good care of those outside but his home front is eyesore. Wife and children are sickly and underfed. Adenuga is one billionaire that love football. Call them. They are there, these billionaires. After uplifting the NPL, they can then go out to acquire. Not before but after repairing out football.

  7. Charity they say begins @ home. Me think that he (Dangote) should emulate Dr. Ifeanyi Uba and buy a club in nigeria for a start before going for the gunners. However shoul he buy Arsenal there is bound to be a change, +vely or -vely will be seen then.

  8. Reply Post By Olamide

    Well,in my own option,I think buying Ansernal is nt a bad idea for such a great businessman.He knws hw profitable it is going to be for him in d nearest future.so ride on bro.

  9. Reply Post By fas adekeye

    very good l give 100% support go on

  10. Reply Post By martino

    Mr. Dangote I love the idea of you buying arsenal football club but do u take a time to think bout your home country league? The NPFL is a very poor football league that need people like u to for development leave arsenal please and help us in this country. if u can do the both, carry on.

  11. Reply Post By Ibangha Agara (SunyBrown)

    The idea of buying the club is a welcome development. It ll show that a Nigerian and an African man is among the owners of a big Foreign club(Arsenal) this can also elusidate him of bringing the light of football to our great country Nigeria…..carry on your plans Big Bro.

  12. Reply Post By Akings1

    I believe in him and is words. It will also increase the popularity of nigeria as a nation. For him to decides that he want to buy the north london club you can easily think that he is capable of buying the team even if is later after some years is having a finacial problem over the team Nigeria will support him we should be proud of dis Man. GOD will continue to bless. Alingo dangote and God will continue to enrich Him thank u

  13. Reply Post By Samuel Osikhena

    To me, for an African or better still a Nigerian to have a club as big as arsenal in Europe is a big pride, gain and respect to the nationwide. The question should be, does he have the cash, ideas and ability to stand the hard and difficult time (s) of the club?
    But still, he can help to build the dying NPL.

  14. Reply Post By anayo

    Charity begins at home never knew u lov futball

  15. Reply Post By Adakole JA

    Its de right in de dynamics of de game cos it have an adverse effect on Nig futbol

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