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  1. Reply Post By israelekene

    football stories

  2. Reply Post By Oloyo Toyin

    You are simply the best and most widely read sports paper.

  3. Reply Post By Moses Liwhu

    Complete Sports has been the best Sporting newspaper.

  4. Complete sport has been the best when it comes to updating in sport. You people should keep it do your good works.

  5. Reply Post By SUNDAY GBENGA

    What is the time of the game ?


    Timely updates about naija soccer, keep up the good work.

  7. Reply Post By Sonde Abiola

    kudos to complete sport

  8. Reply Post By Justine DeCello / Erwin Santos

    Great soccer updates. Much appreciated.

  9. Lily Lagura-Santos appreciates this. Thank you! 

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