Mikel Obi Wins World Footballer Of The Year

Mikel Obi Wins World Footballer Of The Year

Super Eagles and Chelsea midfielder John Mikel Obi has been nominated along side other superb players as the World footballer of the Year.

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  • Eddie Blake 3 years

    That is awesome

  • Romeo ebuka 3 years

    Nice one, love it.

  • opeyemi 2 years

    gud one

  • dat is good

  • emmanuel 2 years

    that is great

  • this is mockry!

  • Of which year?

  • ibrahim 2 years

    nice 1

  • boyOboy 2 years

    John Mikel Obi ‘the kuku bird’ has been nominated for world playet of the year. lol

  • boyOboy 2 years

    John Mikel Obi ‘the kuku bird’ has been nominated for world player of the year. lol

  • That’s wonderful!

  • asso 2 years

    Is it for real?

  • kclimpopo 2 years

    Is this a mockery or what?

  • Chibysky1 2 years

    Na wah ooo

  • Chibysky1 2 years

    Na wah ooo
    Gud fr him anyways

  • damian jane 2 years

    up mikel, maybe he will step up his games

  • titigwaye isaac 2 years

    mikel is stil gud,is just dat chelsea change obi partern of

  • Dave 2 years


  • noa 2 years

    mike is just day dreaming.

  • Mikel is a gud player. The coach should give him chance 2 play at least for 20th minutes. U will see the best of him.

  • adeoluwa fatokun 2 years

    I will confirm first bcos it’s too gud to be true!

  • Akindipe rashid 2 years


  • Justice 2 years

    thats an expensive joke

  • destiny 2 years

    Mikel is a gud player and for he is one of the best standing four in the world if not d best

  • ifeanyi 2 years

    wit his playin tactis dis year he deserves it

  • kiriku 2 years

    which world are we talking about..
    Is the person giving this information knows what it takes to be a nominee of world player.
    Stop mocking mikel, although his a good player…But this is just a joke

  • Paul Nwachukwu C 2 years

    it is good news i wish him good luck

  • nemezu 2 years

    he needs to move away from Stanford bridge

  • My dear I wish you de best

  • The lord is your strength

  • Keep moving forward we the people of Nigeria always pray for you. God bless you

  • Riye DEKWA 1 year

    That’s good and nice one.

  • Danitex 1 year

    Goodluck mikel Obi,s

  • Bishop Joseph Obiagunwa Okpara 1 year

    His mom and dad are prayer warriors and they prayed out jose so that Mikel Obi could do what he knows best,this is playing soccer. Mikel is a very good player,remember when Mikel was voted the world best when Messi was there, Mikel dust everyone that was u 23 when Nigeria Siasia with his boys won silver medals. Mikel is good.

  • Mike Obi is stil valuable to any team in the world. He is a talented player.

  • I G O 1 year

    Mike can still be voted for the wold footballer,only if he can look for another club, where he will be playing regular football.

  • Mikel can still be voted for the wold footballer,, i believe so!


    i believe that john mikel obi is still a good player,if atually he was nominated 4 d best player of d year he mint happen it is not new, beside we have news fifa president that may give a luck, hall d blues 4 life naija4life

  • eyor 1 year

    Its not possible………… Crampy post