Farah The Falcon Predict Winner Of Croatia v Nigeria Match

Dubai-based bird of prey has taken it upon herself to predict all 64 of the matches in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. But how will Nigeria fare?

Nigeria’s new kit might be all the rage in the build-up to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, but the Super Eagles aren’t the only bird of prey to be making a name for themselves. UAE-based radio station Dubai Eye 103.8 has recruited Farah the Falcon, a two-year-old female Saker, to predict every single one of the 64 matches held in Russia between June 14 to July 15, 2018.


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After Paul the Octopus became a global sensation in 2010, a raft of psychic animals have tried their luck at picking World Cup winners, but Farah’s predatory instinct and unblinking gaze over the fixture list is sure to stand her in good stead in 2018. But Nigeria fans may not agree with her selections in what is sure to be a closely fought D!

Shot at the stunning desert location of the Al Maha resort, Farah has sized up Nigeria’s ‘Group of Death’ and made her predictions. Clashing with Argentina in Lionel Messi’s last World Cup, a talented Croatia team and Iceland’s Euro 2016 heroes will ensure progress is anything but smooth for the Eagles. But can they prove this impertinent falcon wrong? Enjoy

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  • Abbey 5 years ago

    E be like say the bird don high.  Make dem check am wella oooo

  • The Falcon was initially flying toward’s Nigeria’s sign post and then changed her mind at the last minute. Does that mean Nigeria leading and then let victory slip at the last minute?

    Hahaha. But I don’t believe in this psychic things (the patriotic mind in me talking me sha). Didn’t Paul the Octopus say Netherlands (Holland) would win South Africa, when in fact Spain won it? Abeg, Farah the Falcon, shoosh away! The king of all birds, the Eagle is here and will grab you for a meal.

  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    Lol even the bird is realistic

  • obilor osondu 5 years ago

    lets leave ds useless falcon predictios alone and move on. Is falcon now God d creator? Eagles, we all are praying 4 u. Dat falcon is their own God, bt God d creator will c u through. We ar winning our first match

  • Daniel 5 years ago


  • E be like say this bird mad. 

  • Victor 5 years ago

    This bird just finished a bottle of codeine syrup, if not then why the change in direction of flight.

  • My people dont even borther to this rubish,if that was reality her country would have been the best,let them go and worship their man made god,uuuuupppp eagles

  • kogistan 5 years ago

    This is a mind game,let the Super eagles not fall for this. they must have done it over one times until the bird chose croatia before they saved the clip.
    Eagles should pay attention to the opening game. we will win by a one goal lead.

  • Lucky 5 years ago

    Aahh… which kind falcon come be this na? na super falcon abi Egyptian falcon? God forbid ooo ..whether pharaoh or farah,whatever your name is, God pass una jareh.. no amadioha or Egyptian juju fashion against super eagles shall prosper in Jesus’ name Amen! up Super eagles joh!!! fire burn the farah bird!!!

  • Sijexbaba 5 years ago

    Up Nigeria
    Falcon you’re just joking

  • Ademola 5 years ago

    ALREADY MY Prediction Pick Croatia Over My Country Because Of This Faction Thing,the Last Friendly Prove That To Me.Though We Are Moving To Semi Final Thats For Sure,

  • Future 5 years ago

    E be like dem give the bird weed smoke,e no Dey think straight again…

  • Go Eagles, Go 5 years ago

    There are now many ‘animals’ predicting this WC results and they all have different predictions on the same matches. Let them predict the exact score if they know!!! Nigeria vs Croatia 2-1 or 2-2 or 1-2, then we will know you try. This is just guesswork and they just hope that the prediction come true. Naijabet-like Guesswork!!!!!!!!! Meanwhile, this is the work of Satan and his demons. In the Garden of Eden, a “snake” talked to Eve. Was it the snake that was talking? No! Satan was talking making it seem as if the snake was talking and the “woman was thoroughly deceived.” The Almighty God has never prophesied and failed. Two or more of his servants will prophesied on the same thing and they will all say the same. All the prophecies in the Bible has all come true, or are undergoing fulfillment and the few ones will surely fulfill because they are still in future. God has always always used humans to prophesied. Never, never an animal. So it is Satanic and demonic for mere animal to predict. Matches will always always end as a win, draw, loss. Finally, it was a curse on Balaam in the holy book, the Bible, where an animal talked to him. Animals are created for our use as food, provide clothing, to be used for work, provide money and as pet. Never to predict. Bottom line: these predictions are just guesswork and Satanic.