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FIFA To Suspend Nigeria August 20 IF Giwa Remains In NFF Offices

FIFA To Suspend Nigeria August 20 IF Giwa Remains In NFF Offices

By Johnny Edward:

The Bureau of the FIFA Council will next Monday August 20 suspend Nigeria from engaging in football activities if the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) offices are not handed back to the legitimate NFF executive committee under President Amaju Melvin Pinnick, who was duly elected on 30 September 2014, reports Completesportsnigeria.com.

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Nigerian football politics took a new dimension last Monday, when Chris Giwa resumed at the offices of the Nigeria Football Federation in Abuja, as the president of the football body.

Giwa has been locked in a leadership tussle with the Amaju Pinnick-led NFF board, after an order from a Jos High Court stopped the election which brought Pinnick to office on September 30, 2014 in Warri, Delta State.

According to a media statement on the official website of FIFA on Tuesday, the NFF will be suspended with immediate effect for contravening art. 14 par. 1 i) and art. 19, as well as art. 14 par. 1 a) of the FIFA Statutes.

The statement also stated that the suspension would be lifted only once the NFF, under President Amaju Melvin Pinnick and General Secretary Mohammed Sanusi, confirms that it has been given back effective control of the NFF and its offices.

Furthermore, the Bureau also decided that if the suspension of the NFF takes effect, the Nigerian team, the Falconets currently competing in the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup France 2018 will still be allowed to continue to participate in the tournament on an exceptional basis given that the tournament is underway.

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  • The U-20 FIFA Women’s World Cup ends on August 24. If Falconets were still in the competition by 20th, they could be asked to withdraw and go home, which would be an international embarrassment of unprecedented proportion. Then it will no longer be about Giwa or Dalung or Pinnick or NFF but about the Buhari’s government and its tacit complicity with Giwa and his over-bloated ego.

    How difficult can it be to kick Giwa out and even get him detained? So, this government can conveniently disobey court order on Dasuki and other things but start ‘forming’ righteousness and compliance because of Dalung’s determination to correct a presumed ‘injustice’ to his brother?

  • ako amadi 4 years ago

    If Nigeria cannot manage football, then the country should not be playing football. I suggest Nigeria spends 3 to 4 years organizing the administration of the game internally, learning lessons from Europe and South America before returning to the international stage. It will do everybody a world of good. The present jungle scenario where two factions of the NFF alternate in breaking into the NFF offices, with the presidency supporting the one side, and the sports minister the other side has nothing to do with football.

  • Shege Luzzy 4 years ago

    Chris Giwa and his puppet dalung care little about Nigerian football.They are trying very hard to appeal to sentiments by putting the laws of the land at crossroads with the statutes of Fifa.

    Fifa constantly frowns at government interference on issues of football but the sore and sorry losers are bent on dividing football loving Nigerians because of severe greed ,personal and vaulting ambitions that should have been checked at it’s infancy.

    In as much as we can not rate the amaju led nff at a 100%,the history of nigerian football has never had a purpose driven and organised federation like that of pinnick. For the first time loggerheads with players over bonuses have evaporated while the off field politics which gave cameroun laurels under hayatou,has it’s pendulum swung to our favour.

    Dear Giwa and dalung,your actions are very inimical to the development of our football and it would be best for you to hang your torn boots and learn thoroughly from astute administrators. We know that the minister is part of a govt that fights corruption with corrupt tools and the rule of law becomes sacrosanct to suit wrong purposes .

    Is someone trying to make Giwa as sacred as the cows of the fulani herdsmen? Giwa you are so not needed and Nigerians will not forgive you if you make us face avoidable suspension. That is the only thing that brings us together and one man’s greed should not punish our emotions.

  • ALFREDINHO 4 years ago

    Chris Giwa and Solomon Dalung are causing havoc to Nigeria football .Why won’t Chris Giwa( A man banned by FIFA ) scramble for leadership with Amaju Pinnick thereby attracting ban from FIFA .Why Giwa no just want to get common sense drop him selfish desire to ruin Nigeria football ?.

  • Great

  • Kenny 4 years ago

    Nations cup qualifier is just 3 weeks time, Nigeria will miss out of 3rd consecutive Nations cup if this is not resolved, Giwa & the sport minister wont find this funny

    • ako amadi 4 years ago

      What is the meaning of AFCON when banditry is the order of the day in the football administration of Nigeria? Let us not be naïve. Sports is a component of youth, cultural and economic development all over the world, and Nigeria cannot set a good example with the gangsters jostling to grab money at the NFF. Surely, the best move that a government determined to fight corruption must take is to brutally disband the NFF under the indictment of perpetrating acts sabotaging the aspirations of the government and the Nigerian people in the wider context. We must accept the FIFA ban and go back to the drawing board and basics of human resources management for about 5 years, before rejoining the civilized world.

      These NFF factions are in the know that football is the greatest unifying element in the delicate associations of ethnic groups in Nigeria, and have decided with their eyes on money to place the future of the country at risk.

  • Greenturf 4 years ago

    Nigerian football cannot be baned because of one selfish man.
    The thing to do is to forcefully throw him out of the Nff office and get him detained indefinitely.That high court judge and Dalung should also be detained for sabotage!yes this group of tugs have had their party and it’s time the president has his!
    This nonsense has dragged on irritatingly for so long and astonishingly stakeholders have kept mute and powerless over the boyscout sports minister who is using his position in government to tear our football apart.
    Apparently we have five days to save our football from colapse and if something is not done by the presidency within this few days,we shall face suspension because I don’t see Giwa and his cohorts vacating office unless something urgent is done by the office of the presidency.
    God bless Nigeria!

  • Edoman of New Jersey, USA. 4 years ago

    Giwa and his cohorts should be arrested instantly for intruding into the NFF Office without the Federal Govt Authority’s approval. This is the second time Giwa is doing so within a short period of time.

    In a couple of days, Nigeria would have lost the opportunity of playing in AFCON when the Ban by FIFA would have been imposed on the Nation. No wonder Rohr is holidaying in Europe at the moment even when he should be submitting the names of all the invited players to his Boss (NFF) at this point in time for approval.

    FIFA will only unban Nigeria when Pinnick said so. Then, why wait until the Nation is banned. l therefore suggest that Giwa and his cohorts should be ARRESTED now.

  • matsho 4 years ago

    Those calling for Nigeria’s ban will realise at the end of the ban whether three years or four years that we did not learn any lesson.

  • ako amadi 4 years ago

    Of all the opinions in the media and on the streets nobody appears to support this Giwa guy to head the NFF. He must have a complaint, but FIFA does not want him, and he’s supposed to report to them should he head the NFF. How does he declare himself winner of the elections, even granted that there could have been malpractices. Why is he not calling for a re-run, or wait to contest the next elections? And if the matter is still in the court, why is he taking the law into his hands and forcing his way into the NFF offices? It makes one think that all of this cannot be out of love for football, but certainly for something else which he has to explain to the country. We are all stakeholders and Nigerian football is nobody’s private property

  • Steve 4 years ago

    We have a visionless president ,who has no impact in what happens around us ?…where is Buhari ?…this government is a complete nuisance and a joke , this is part of APC evil legacy!!