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A Comparison of Polished Concrete and Epoxy

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Flooring is an important part of the architecture and design of a house or business establishment. Professionally installed floorings are elegant and beautiful. They are an easy asset that will add value to your house. However, they can either make or break the visual aesthetic of your humble abode. This is why we emphasis the importance of experts in the field of flooring industry.

flash flooring epoxyFlash Flooring is a globally accredited company capable of providing the services you need and deserve. As a professional company, polished concrete floors, epoxy and Superfloors are among the expertly offered services. Other services include floor leveling, polished stones, concrete grinding, repair, decorative toppings, driveway restoration and anti-slip coatings. Polished concrete and epoxy are among the commonly used flooring in most buildings around the world.

In Australia, polished concrete Sydney and epoxy are popular because of their advantages. Below is a comparison of the two famous flooring used in different houses and business establishments.

Polished Concrete

  • Strength – increases the surface strength of the floor by at least 5 times.
  • Maintenance – a simple mop and dry is enough to keep the flooring clean and elegant. Soapy water can be used to remove sticky blemishes from the floor.
  • Longevity – polished concrete can easily last for more than 20 years. Experts actually boast an unlimited lifespan as long as it is subject to care and maintenance.
  • Durability – it can easily sustain scratches from animals. It’s quite durable as compared to epoxy.



  • Strength – epoxy doesn’t provide extra surface strength to the floor. Basically, it’s just a covering that adds beauty to the floor.
  • Maintenance – a weekly cleaning is enough to keep it maintained. It doesn’t require much care as long as it doesn’t receive any damage.
  • Longevity – when maintained properly, epoxy flooring can last for more than 20 years. Epoxy flooring is quite common in restaurants because of its beauty. Imagine the abuse it gets from daily traffic and the amount of people inside the establishment. A well-maintained flooring can keep its beauty for 20 plus years.
  • Durability – it’s not the best idea if you have animals inside the house.

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How to Earn Money Using Online Platforms


People have their own different ways on how to make money nowadays. The internet age has been a big help in connecting companies from all over the world. This connection has made huge strides in making importation and exportation of goods a lot easier.

ImportoIn the past, only a few business companies know how to import products from one country to another. Instead of figuring out how to move items from one place to another, companies focused on marketing these locally. Nowadays, most of us have our eyes set on the global market. We visit different countries to get new ideas we can add or incorporate to our old business. While this is the trend today, importing from China and other countries isn’t a cake walk. Even though anyone can import as long as they meet the requirements, most of the small to medium scale companies find it difficult.

How to Make Money

Importo is a new addition in the field of import/export business. As an online platform, it is considered as one of the innovative platforms capable of helping small time entrepreneurs. As a businessman, you can make money by checking out the products you can buy from China through importo. Most of the items on the website are new to Australia. Pioneers in the business always have the tendency to succeed especially when done properly. However, it doesn’t mean you won’t fail too.

Find the item that you think will sell in your area and make arrangements with the online platform. A MOQ will be met before you can receive the goods. This is why you have the time to look for potential buyers. Once the MOQ is met, the product will then be delivered to your place. You can start selling your goods to your buyers either in bulk or retail. Repeat orders if your sale is good. Although there’s no assurance in any business, getting your stuff from a different place makes it interesting. People are curious when it comes to imported products. Don’t forget to look for quality items to avoid losing customers over time.

You can add more products if you feel that your business is on the right track. The good thing about the import/export of goods is you get a vast array of new merchandise to choose from. If you come to think of it, doing so will give you an advantage over your competitor as you can offer more options.

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