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Zambia Vice-Captain Tembo Boasts: Nothing Super About Nigeria

Zambia Vice-Captain Tembo Boasts: Nothing Super About Nigeria

By Kayode Ogundare in Accra:

As the Zambian national team open their training camp in Accra, Ghana ahead of the October 7th mega-clash against Nigeria at the Godswill Akpabio Stadium in Uyo, vice-captain of the Chipolopolo Ziyo Tembo has talked up his team’s chances in the game and reckons there’s nothing to worry about the Super Eagles even though they lead the group with a three-point margin.


Tembo said Zambia was ready for battle and every player was focused on getting the win to boost chances of qualifying for the World Cup and the game against was just like any other game.

He said: “There is nothing sinister about the Nigeria game, it’s a game like any other we have played before. Yes they have a good side and have quality players and we can’t take that away from them but they are beatable,” Tembo said.


The Zanaco of Zambia defender insists the Chipolopolo record against Nigeria – they last won 2-0 in a friendly game 20 years ago – will not count for much as the current team is looking to create new records.

“Nigeria’s dominance over us is history for we are looking at the future and what will matter most in the game is our application on the pitch. We are not inferior to Nigeria, the only difference is that most of our players play in Africa and they have more players in Europe,” he said.

Tembo added that the team would make Zambians proud by beating Nigeria.


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  • PapaFem 5 years ago

    Mr. Ziyo Tembo, that difference is very crucial. Players forged in the furnace of European football are better placed are better on the scale performance than those with monotonous local experience. The Super Eagles as a team is a microcosm of three continents, football-wise: Africa, Asia, and Europe. You don’t buy that in the market. This team is better than the one that beat your team in Ndola. Prepare for war! Nigeria 4 Zambia 0.

  • femi olowu 5 years ago

    Yes prepare for Mr vice Capt Nigeria 6 Zambia 1

  • Charles shilaka 5 years ago

    Ziyo Tembo, football is played on the pitch & not basket mouth. After you finished your insults & boast, come and receive your share of goals.
    It’s really a pity. We beat you in your backyard, what stops us beating you @ home?. If you boast because you beat Algeria home & away, then you’re making the mistake of your life! Villagers!. Let Kalusha Bwalya officiate the match, we’ll beat you.

  • Mark my words Zambia will find it difficult to come second in the log and they are going to lose their two remaining matches they do not have the experience required

  • Fasasi Kunle 5 years ago

    But they (Nigeria) would go to Russia insha Allah. That is it Nigeria 4 Zambia 0

  • Hey i am tired of this zombians . how can a professional player talk this way.i believe that the super eagles are angry like me now.to just swallow this guy’s up.they should ask other African countries about super eagles before talking rubish . because when s e what to win even brasil can’t stop them

  • nweke 5 years ago

    Tembo, I hope you are not underestimating the quality of the Eagles you about to face in the nest of champions. For any attempt to arrive Uyo in pride and boastfulness will lead to monumental humiliation of Zambian football. Cameroon arrived Uyo priding themselves as African champion, but the Eagles put them to the sword in devastating manner. Now you are coming to Uyo with crude players drawn largely from local clubs in Africa and have the guts to boast tembo! Words are always cheap

  • Joseph Adodo 5 years ago

    Nig 4 ,za 0

  • I want this crazy dude to give an own goal in the 6-0 spanking of zoombia. I dey vex, this people don talk too much!!!

    • ako amadi 5 years ago

      The day is almost there, and matches are not won with words. Only one team has been doing the talking because of a hopeless situation they find themselves in. Come Saturday, and the Zambian Eleven will know who deserves to represent Africa at the World Cup next year. That has to be earned on the pitch!

  • Akinyosoye Dele 5 years ago

    Ok 40000dollar for every goal scored by zambiza

  • Miserable Zambia with their basket mouth , they will be disappointed on 7th October they will concede goals that will go into history book as one of the worst

  • This guy is well schooled by his coach, the Zambian chief BASKET MOUTH. While in Accra, bring enough G…. Must Go to fit in all the goals you’ll collect. Your compatriots need them as a reminder that a schoolboys team from Zambia had a bloody clash with the Nigerian Super Eagles.

  • francis nkole 5 years ago

    am surprised how some of you nigerian boast about your team.typical soccer fan mentality.football will humble you.remember in 2002.the then world champion France lost 1 nill to under dogs senegal.you be shocked on Saturday thank God the referee is from Botswana if he was from north Africa zambia was going to worry or from west africa.may the best team win after all its just football.

    • Why are you surprised? Isn’t it in the place for fans to boast? What should surprise you should be a supposedly professional coach and footballer boast before a crucial of such magnitude as a world cup ‘crunchy’ qualifier matche

  • Tgrace 5 years ago

    Ok, Tembo the Vice Chancellor of Zambia. When Zambian speak of thier under 20 guys I thought they reach the u20 finals not knowing that they got only to the quarter finals and with this same under20 guys you make mouth. Welldone and welcome to the nest of champions where you will know that an hungry Eagles dosen’t miss it targetted prey.
    They call you bullet but hear this ‘No weapon formed against the Super Eagles of Nigeria shall prosper!’
    http://www.completesportnigeria.com well done with your article but try and make this more lively.
    Nigeria 4 v 0 Zambia.

  • Taiwo Evidence Ige 5 years ago

    It’s quite unfortunate dat my co-Nigerians are even more boastful than d Zambians. We are disrespectful by calling them derogatory names like “crazy, miserable and zombians”. Too bad! What do we expectTembo and his compatriots to say? That they are afraid of us? “We are not inferior to Nigeria,” Tembo said. I like that statement in his comments. That’s a comment of a fighter and a warrior. How many of these boasful Naija fans can speak like that if d Super Eagles were to meet Germany, Spain or Brazil? Many of u actually said Cameroun wld rout Eagles in Uyo b4 d game. Some did not even watch dat game 4 fear of hypertension but today, they can run their mouths too. However, Mr. Tembo, am sorry to tell u that Super Eagles will soar high beyond d reach of ur copper bullets on Saturday. Thanks and have a wonderful tour to Akwa Ibom.

  • Vitalis 5 years ago

    Instead of Zambian to plan on how to support the super eagles at the World Cup,they are here draging ticket with us.i believe Gods time is the best, your time to feature in world cut is yet to com

  • super eagles 3 Zambia 0

  • Bakoyo 5 years ago

    If Zambia wants to qualify for any world cup tournament, they should lobby FIFA not fix them in a group where Super Eagles belongs, because Nigeria Super Eagles will always fly pass Zambia. Up Super Eagles.

  • Kelvin Zulu 5 years ago

    I had a lot of Nigerian teachers during my school days in the 80’s here in Zambia. I consider you guys our big brother! We learnt a lot from you…but some comments..! This is just football. However, Zambia will carry the day 2-0! We have the energy in the young ones coupled with experince!

  • leo hillary 5 years ago

    Yes,It’z always d empty vessel dat makes d loudest noise, now dat d battle line is drawn Zambians should rather be prepared to say their last prayer rather than blabling or ranting as there’ll be operation no mercy on Saturday for d visitors

  • Hunter Shilesa 5 years ago

    The results of this game will be known after 90 min. Now this is interesting, nigerians journalists have flocked the Zambian camp. They are busy publishing statements all over and you call zambians basket mouths or accuse zambians players of boasting when the speak the truth without even paying attention to what you yourselves are saying. Isnt that insane? And what do you expect zambian players to say? That we worship the super eagles? Well they wont say that. Thats not part of our culture to worship any one no matter their previliged standing in football circles. Our football philosophy is to fight till the end. Today you beat us tomorrow we give you good running for your money. Thats the spirit of the “KK 11”. It still reigns supreme. every statement of our players / coach which your journalist get will testify to this. And who are you calling villagers? You should come to zambia to see for yourself if zambia is a village. Oh yes you are welcome we are very civilised and hospitable people. Ask your team about their reception in ndola, even after they beat zambia our people still cheered them on. If we were villagers we would have stoned you. Football is just a game so stop calling us names it’s childish. So yeah football is played on pitch may the better team win.

    • Ayodele Philips 5 years ago

      Hunter Shilesa I c a mountainous degree of a civilised personality in you. Don’t mind my compatriot they are just being patriotic in a provocative manner that will help to bring out 100% in our boys. I know you know that there is no examination that is worth failing be it TEST, ASSIGNMENT, HOME WORK OR MAIN EXAMINATION.
      I wish both teams luck but
      Nigeria 2:0 Zambia

  • zambia i know that you have a good squad and players that are always ready to put a good fight but you should know that in this life there is senior in everything, the last time i checked Nigeria will never be your mate..ok? I dont know who this tembo is, making noise.